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Are you struggling with getting employees to adopt workplace safety standards and practices? Are projects falling behind or threatened by a “culture of silence” about key concerns or issues within your organization? Do you have employees that struggle with “blowing up” instead of speaking up in an effective manner? Then Crucial Conversations might be the solution for you.

Building a high-performance culture is top of mind for many organizations. From increasing engagement and developing leadership to improving retention and accelerating innovation, this heightened focus on talent and transformational change is driving organizations to rethink the way work gets done. To be successful in establishing sustainable, transformative change, forward-thinking organizations have learned that these transformations require more than changes in their operations, it requires the adoption of new skills, behaviors and thinking. 

IES has partnered with VitalSmarts, the authors of the award-winning Crucial Conversations training, to bring this training to you as a custom solution with delivery options that meet your needs.

Contact your IES Regional Manager to learn more about how we can bring one of our new solutions to your company. 

Are you a manufacturer with less than 500 employees? If so, ask your IES Regional Manager about a special offer available to you.