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My seventeen year old thinks I need an Apple Watch. She has one and, from what I’ve seen, it’s strapped to her left wrist to notify her that the iPhone she’s holding in her right hand just received a snap-gram insta-text. To convince me to also get one, she describes the features designed for old people and informs me that it can “track my fitness goals.” Yawn. And, she continues, “It can monitor my heart rate, my breathing and tell me how many steps I take in a day.” Wait. What?

It can count my steps? Only a genius watch can do that! Not because I am working hard to “get my steps in,” but because most days it seems I take two steps forward and three steps back!

Speaking of steps, you might consider registering for our OSHA 7505 Incident Investigation class where we explore six steps to investigating workplace incidents and accidents.

Holli Singleton

Holli SingletonHolli Singleton is the Assistant Director of Safety & Health Services at NC State Industry Expansion Solutions. In addition to managing the services offered by the Safety and Health Specialists, she develops and presents workplace safety and health education courses, conducts work site assessments and provides occupational safety and environmental assistance to employers throughout the southeastern region of the United States.