The demand for grant-funded program accountability is rising, as grant stakeholders and/or funding sources want to understand how programs are working compared to the plans laid out in original grant proposals.

Third-party evaluation is an important service in assessing implementation of proposed program activities and evaluating the achievement of stated goals. Including a unique and thorough third-party evaluation plan in your proposal can give you a decisive edge when competing for funding.

Engage our team to make the most of your grant
We offer leadership and practical assistance in research, assessment and program evaluation, often in complex environments and in a wide variety of areas—from education to business and industry to government agencies. We have expertise in TAACCCT and HEA grants, just to name a few.

Unique to evaluation services, we develop:

  • Pre-intervention assessments
  • Focus areas for improvement
  • Formative and summative evaluation processes
  • Developmental evaluation perspectives, as appropriate
  • Post-intervention assessments and next-step plans for using evaluation results
  • Evaluation capacity-building to enable long-term self-evaluation by grantee

Understand our qualifications

  • Extensive knowledge of high quality project research, principles and methodologies
  • Unparalleled experience with data collection and analysis
  • Demonstrated expertise in delivering services for large scale projects
  • Demonstrated adaptability to develop practical, but rigorous, evaluation plans
  • Experience linking education to business—from the shop floor to the boardroom


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