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Plan and conduct your own evaluation activities for a more cost-effective and sustainable way to help communicate the success of your program.


While the Evaluation Services at NC State Industry Expansion Solutions is equipped to provide comprehensive program evaluation services, we realize that not every project needs program evaluation assistance from an outside entity. Perhaps you don’t need a full-scale program evaluation, but you want to build internal knowledge and expertise around research and evaluation topics such as instrument development, quantitative and qualitative analytics, evaluation plan design and deployment, among other topics. We are here to help.

The ability to plan and conduct your own evaluation activities can be a more cost-effective and sustainable way to help you communicate the successes and longer-term impacts of your program to your funders and stakeholders. Having a methodical approach to regularly assess your organization’s activity and outcome performance can have broader impacts than just being able to communicate the success of your program. An evaluation mindset can lead to improved efficiencies and program outputs, enhancements to your customer listening and response processes and promotion of a culture of continuous improvement within the organization.

We will teach you and your staff to use the same evaluation tools and techniques we use, and tailor our evaluation approach depending on your organization’s specific needs and goals for internal evaluation. After an initial consultation, our team will put together a customized training and development plan designed to meet your organization’s evaluation needs. Examples of evaluation topics that we can assist with include:

  • Developing evaluation plans and conceptual designs
  • Logic model development
  • Developing performance metrics and data collection procedures
  • Developing an understanding how to use evaluation data and information in findings and other reports
  • Developing knowledge management tools to capture tacit knowledge during times of transition
  • Designing research plans for long-term measurement and analysis

Contact us to schedule a brief consultation so we can learn more about your needs and interests on your journey in evaluation and assessment.


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