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Evaluation Services

Our Approach

Our research and evaluation team uses a customized approach for each of our projects that is responsive to the unique needs of our customers’ projects and programs. For more comprehensive evaluation projects, our process would be:


Initial consultation and background of project / program

We like to spend time up-front garnering a better understanding of the scope of the project, program, and/or other research and evaluation needs of our customer in order to be able to formulate an evaluation design that is rigorous enough to meet the needs of the funder/stakeholders interested in evaluation reports.

Evaluation design and budget preparation

Whether or not we are working with you in the early stages of your grant proposal submission, or you have decided that a research and evaluation project is right for your organization, we will spend time developing a proposal and an evaluation budget that fits your needs.

Evaluation kick-off meeting with project team

When work officially begins, we like to set up a meeting with our customers to introduce ourselves, learn more about you and your unique backgrounds, and discuss our initial 60-90 day plan for evaluating your project or program. During this kick-off meeting we discuss expectation of us as evaluators, and various needs that we will have from you throughout the course of the evaluation project.

Conducting the evaluation

Now comes the time for the real work to take place. Based on the timeline that we established with you earlier in this process, we will have regular interviews or focus groups, observations of meetings or events, and other methods of data collection to help us prepare reports for your project.

Reporting and dissemination of findings

After data collection has taken place and been recorded throughout the evaluation project’s lifecycle, we will compile qualitative and quantitative data and perform analyses as we outlined in our evaluation plan. When applicable we may work with you after the findings have been published for further presentation or publication opportunities to contribute to the knowledge base of program evaluation.


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