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Understand the Trends, Out-think the Competition

Technology happens at the speed of light, it seems. No sooner does a new product come to market than another one—a faster, smarter one—replaces it. All too often, businesses find themselves behind the curve, with products that are outdated and unsupported. In a word: obsolete.

Technology Road Mapping lets you define your products’ technological evolution and align them with the development of supporting technologies so that they remain as relevant and necessary a year down the road as they do today. Your company’s tech reputation can be maintained or improved through the planned alignment of product development and supporting technologies.

The mapping process also illuminates threats from disruptive technologies, and helps you understand how those technologies are meeting needs in the marketplace, and how you can adapt to meet those demands more quickly and effectively than your competition.

What Do You Get From Technology Road Mapping?

  • Timely and accurate understanding of disruptors and their effect on your business
  • Alignment of product development and supporting technologies
  • Clear vision of the future and achievable goals on the near horizon
  • Improved integration, project and process plans

IES resides at the intersection of market knowledge and technology. As the engineering-based, solutions-driven, client-focused unit of NC State University, we are able to deploy all of the resources of a world-class research institution in the quest to optimize your products’ life cycles and amplify their impact.

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