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What is lean? How is it defined?

If you were to search the term “lean”, I am pretty sure you would find a plethora of definitions with regards to what lean is and how to implement or utilize its principles. For example, you may hear or read phrases like “minimizing waste,” “maximizing customer...

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Innovation Management Workshop

Is your organization in a rut when it comes to innovation? NC State’s Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) is hosting a virtual Innovation Management Workshop on April 13, 2021. Discover why innovation management is essential for business growth, uncover the types of...

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MESHage: In Memory of 2020

Wooo-hooo! 2020 is finally gone And not a moment too soon! To say it brought a few challenges Is like calling the sea a lagoon. Stores are out of Lysol wipes, Six feet is now the new rule. Toilet paper cannot be found, We wear masks and do virtual school. Alas, as we...

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Trainer Toolbox January 2021

Protecting Workers from COVID-19 Hazards Ventilation in the Workplace  OSHA Outreach Trainer Research Opportunity Winter Weather Hazards Changes to OSHA Guidelines in 2021  Trainer Portal Account Duplicates  Trainer Portal Tutorial    Protecting Workers from...

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Focus On: Youth Worker Safety

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the incidence rate for non-fatal injuries for workers, ages 16–19, was 110.3 per 10,000 and 99.3 per 10,000 for workers, ages 20–24 in 2018. Due to youth workers’ inexperience, young (16–24) workers have high rates of...

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Additive Manufacturing—Where to Start

Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing in an industrial setting, is a process by which material is selectively deposited on a build surface, layer by layer, to produce a 3-dimensional part. Although the technology emerged in the late 1980’s, researchers are still...

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