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Talking Safety on the Farm

“Farm life” can evoke an image of fresh air, unrestricted spaces and rewarding hard work.  Yet, farming ranks among the most dangerous industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that agricultural workers have a fatality rate seven times higher than all...

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

We’re knee deep in the political season and it seems no matter where we turn, pundits, candidates and impassioned voters are disagreeing left and right! So, in the spirit of bridge-building, unity and peace, let’s highlight some stuff we can agree on.

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Trainer Toolbox for September 2016

A collection of everything that’s new for safety trainers! Included in this edition: New sample class agendas for our Outreach Trainers  2017 OSHA Outreach Trainer update classes—book your seat now! Free training materials on our new Tractor Talks website More trainer...

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Can I use someone else’s work in my content?

The Internet and technologies today make it easy to find and reuse graphics, photographs, text, music, and other content. Before you copy and paste that content you find online, though, a word of caution: Using that image you found through a Google search or a video appearing on YouTube may violate copyright laws.

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Project Management: Where’s My Manual?

If your car has ever revved up to a really high rpm while you’re parked or idling, you already know one fundamental truth about project management: hard work does not always equal quality work. In your workplace, like in your car, overly difficult work sometimes indicates that there’s a problem; something may not be functioning as efficiently as it should.

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Focus On…Caring for our Caregivers

In 2013, one in five reported nonfatal occupational injuries occurred among workers in the health care and social assistance industry—the highest number of such injuries reported for all private industries (1). In 2011, U.S. health care personnel experienced seven times the national rate of musculoskeletal disorders compared with all other private sector workers (2). Join us for training focused on safety for our caregivers.

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