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Focus On…Caring for our Caregivers

In 2013, one in five reported nonfatal occupational injuries occurred among workers in the health care and social assistance industry—the highest number of such injuries reported for all private industries (1). In 2011, U.S. health care personnel experienced seven times the national rate of musculoskeletal disorders compared with all other private sector workers (2). Join us for training focused on safety for our caregivers.

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Trainer Toolbox for July 2016

A collection of everything that’s new for safety trainers! Included in this edition: CSB videos enhance your training Train temporary workers with these free materials “Water, Rest, Shade.” That’s all it takes to avoid heat illnesses! Outreach Training Resources are...

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Innovation Myths, Part V

Myth 5. A great innovation has no death threats. This may be the greatest myth that I have addressed in my short series. All ideas have death threats. In fact, the greater the idea, the more likely it is to have very significant—and numerous—death threats.

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Road Trips aren’t what they used to be…

I remember my college friends all shouting in unison, “ROAD TRIP!!!” and how all six of us would pile into Anita Lumpkin’s 1977 Ford Pinto for the 3.5 hour drive to Carolina Beach! Contorting ourselves into that motorized mini death trap, meant the twins had to...

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