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Stand Down to Prevent Falls

It is startling and tragic to read the workplace fatality statistics as reported on OSHA’s website. The frequency of fatalities due to falls is noticeable, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data suggests that approximately 40% of construction worker deaths are... read more

Innovation Myths, Part IV

A well-defined system for innovation should include a systematic process for innovation, defined roles, creativity tools and varying levels of training to support the innovation system. Having such a system certainly increases your chances of innovation success. So, I always encourage our clients to develop or adopt a formal system to increase their chances of innovation success. However, having an innovation system does not ensure innovation success, much like having a quality management system (e.g. ISO 9000) does not guarantee quality success.

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Focus On…Electrocution and Falls

According to OSHA, electrocution was the second leading cause of worker deaths on construction sites in 2014. Fatalities caused by falls from elevation also continue to be a leading cause of death for construction workers. These deaths are preventable. Join us for two national campaigns focused on changing these statistics.

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Myths to Innovation, Part III

While the Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC) has many uses during the innovation process—especially around prototype or concept testing—it can be very limiting in its role for stimulating ideas for creating great innovations. Challenge yourself and your organization to “think outside the VOC-box” as you look for ideas to create great innovations in 2016.

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Trash Talk

What does minimizing waste mean to your organization? Producing fewer scrap parts by improving quality? Streamlining layout to reduce wasted labor? Managing supply-chain dynamics to avoid financial penalties? What about physical waste? Do you have an improvement goal for the waste you see on the plant floor?

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Bringing Shelved Strategic Plans Back Into Action

Bring shelved strategic plans back Into action through our Assets to Action™ approach. Understand how to identify and clarify your community’s strongest assets in relation to its potential for economic development and cut through all the background noise to develop your strategic action plan.

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