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Perdue Foods will invest $10.9M in Rockingham processing plant and hire 30 new employees over next three years:

Bringing Shelved Strategic Plans Back Into Action

Bring shelved strategic plans back Into action through our Assets to Action™ approach. Understand how to identify and clarify your community’s strongest assets in relation to its potential for economic development and cut through all the background noise to develop your strategic action plan.

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Innovation Myths, Part II

Myth 2. Innovation is only about new products. Certainly, innovation has a long association with new product development. Indeed, innovation methods serve the NPD challenge very well; however, the same steps that we use to innovate new products (or services) can be used to innovate other types of problems, too.

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Innovation Myths

After three years of working with IES clients to implement new innovation cultures with Innovation Engineering, IES Director of Business Growth and Innovation Services Kevin Grayson takes a look at 5-myths to creating innovation.

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Engage in the Conversation of the Century

Been to a hotel in Japan lately? The helping hands issuing the hotel room keys are no longer human, but the brains that dreamt them up certainly are! Technology and automation are swiftly and inevitably changing the way we live and work.

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Contracting for Goods and Services in the Manufacturing Industry

In partnership with mfgCON, we present a guest-post from Revolution Law about manufacturing and the navigating the unique challenges of contracting for goods. Manufacturers face a number of complex issues related to buying and selling products as well as the procurement of specialized services. By successfully navigating these issues, a manufacturer is better positioned to succeed in the global marketplace while also reducing business disruptions. Manufacturers can increase the likelihood of successfully navigating these issues by implementing a combination of both business and legal solutions.

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mfgCON 2015. It’s a wrap.

During mfgCON I talked with many of our attendees about the conference—what they learned, what they missed, and what tips, tricks and tools they plan to implement within their own organizations. Watching and waiting to see how the shared knowledge will create value for the attendees is perhaps the most exciting phase of the conference.

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ISO 9001:2015 Update – Tips for the Transition

Here is the good news: ISO is adopting the same “high level structure” for its ISO 9001-based standards. Now each time a standard is revised, it will consist of the same 10 sections as all the others. This approach is going to make it much easier to integrate multiple management systems.

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