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Archive - Quality - NC State University Industry Expansion Solutions - Page 2

  • Building a Better Process

    Gaston County machine shop, Dallas Machine Company, Inc., wanted to compete globally, and to do business with larger, more established companies. To rise to those new levels, it needed more effective quality management processes, and decided to seek
    ISO 9001 certification.


  • Columbus McKinnon Lifts Quality Standard

    Competing in the world of material handling systems and services requires not only the know-how to produce complex hoists, actuators, and cranes, but also the business processes to ensure consistent quality across a range of products. It was the movement of new product lines, coupled with the desire to reach broader overseas markets, which prompted a North Carolina-based Columbus McKinnon facility to seek ISO 9000 certification, the international quality standard.


  • Tempering Everything but Quality

    With a need to standardize work instructions and develop a more cohesive environment within the company, Dynamic Systems enhanced customer satisfaction and created a more cohesive company environment with ISO 9001.